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CRM Features

Zubifi offers many great features in a simple all-in-one solution designed to save you money while also simplifying some of the tasks you are likely already doing for your business. Here is a run down of the major features in the Contact Relationship Management (CRM) space that Zubifi offers to its members.


  • External email integration puts all your email “touches” in one simple view
  • Allows you to add your existing email account and Zubifi will check for new emails (both inbound and sent messages if selected) and bubble those up through the contact profile/dashboard. That way when you’re communicating with a customer you are immediately “in-the-know” on when the last touchpoint was, what was discussed, and have a complete view of what’s going on with that customer… giving you the best opportunity to close the sale and improve your customer’s experience with your company.


  • Advanced contact profile/dashboard
  • Keep track of contact information for phones, emails, and addresses.
  • Set default payment terms, sales tax rates, and payment methods.
  • Create custom fields to track even more information
  • Add attachments for tracking important items
  • See transactions, emails, calls, notes, relationships, and more all in one view/page.
  • Track calls and add notes
  • Enter and view relationships between contacts

More information is available at www.zubifi.com

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