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Email Marketing Features

Zubifi offers many great features in a simple all-in-one solution designed to save you money while also simplifying some of the tasks you are likely already doing for your business. Here is a run down of the major features in the email marketing space that Zubifi offers to its members.


  • Create your own templates or use one of ours
  • All templates are fully customizable to meet your branding requirements
  • Upload your own images
  • Use our email-merge functions to personalize every outbound email with your subscriber’s name
  • Automated text-version generation
  • Visual email composure makes changes a breeze
  • Send test messages to make sure you are 100% satisfied before sending to your lists


  • Create campaigns to manage and track messages sent to your email lists.
  • Scheduled delivery options
  • Track your success with our full report for sends, opens, clicks, bounces, and complaints
  • Use our software to insure you stay compliant with all CAN SPAM regulations
  • Send up to 10,000 email messages per month


  • Create multiple lists to segment your subscribers and provide relevant information
  • Generate lists using custom filters on your contact list

More information is available at www.zubifi.com

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