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 +====== Banking: Journal Entries ======
 +You can create journal entries within Zubifi. ​ A journal entry is a manual adjustment to your accounts and are usually reserved for technical updates by accountants. ​ You should not need to create journal entries for normal operations within your business. ​ The journal entries are available in the [[features:​transactions|Transactions]] area.
 +===== Creating a Journal Entry =====
 +To create a new Journal Entry click the PLUS icon in the upper right corner of the screen (beside the user icon). ​ Then select "​Journal Entry" from the menu under the "​Banking"​ heading. ​ As with other documents you can add attachments by clicking the paperclip in the heading of the page.
 +{{ :​banking:​journalentries.png?​direct&​300 |}}
 +The entry number is defaulted to an auto-generated value starting with JRN0001 and incrementing by one.  You can change this value to suit your needs.
 +The memo line allows you to add a note regarding the entry and is only visible within Zubifi.
 +Enter line items as required making sure that the total amount in the Debit column matches with the total amount in the Credit column. ​ Only enter either a Debit or a Credit amount for each line.  Do not enter an amount in both columns for the same line item or an error will occur. ​ If the total for the Debit column do not match with the total for the Credit column of all line items then you will get an error when attempting to save.  ​
 +Select an account to offset for each line or create a new one.  The account can be of any type.  Enter the Debit or Credit amount along with a memo or description for the line.  You can also select a contact if doing so is appropriate,​ but normally this field is left blank.
 +You can add more line items if needed using the "Add Line Items" link at the bottom of the Line Items area.  You can remove existing line items using the delete marker on the right of the line item rows.
 +Checks support custom fields that can be set under the Settings menu.  You can add up to 20 custom fields that will be available to all checks.
 +Visit our main web site at [[https://​www.zubifi.com|www.zubifi.com]]
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