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The Zubifi Contacts section contains all of the contact records created within your company. You can sort, filter, and export your contact list, and you can drill into each contact to get more information, view related transactions, see recent touches, and make notes. The contact section provides many of the contact relationship management features that Zubifi offers.

Contact: Create/Edit

You create new contacts through the PLUS menu which is located at the top-right of your screen (beside the user icon). To create a new contact click the “Create Contact” button located at the bottom of the PLUS menu. To import contacts from a file click the “Import from File” button at the bottom of the PLUS menu.

You can also add up to 20 custom fields that allow you to track customized metrics about your contacts. You can add fields like anniversary dates, number of children, or really whatever information will help you with your business. Custom fields have a maximum length of 200 characters and are set up in the Settings tab under the Custom Fields link.

Contact: List

The Contact List is your gateway into your contacts. You can use the search box at the top to filter the list in a variety of ways. You can search for text, numbers, and dates. You can also select the icons to the left of the search box to further filter your list by contact type (Customer, Vendor, Other, or any combination of these).

The drop down to the right of the search bar allows you to export your contact list in several different formats including PDF, Microsoft Excel, Comma Separated Values (CSV), and Tab-delimited Text (TXT). Choosing any of these options will export the entire contact list to a downloadable file.

Within the contact records you can sort the records by clicking the column heading (Name, Email, etc.). To reverse the sort click the column heading a second time. You can then view the contact's profile by clicking on any of the detail rows in the table and you can delete a contact by clicking the “X” on the far right of any of the individual contact records.

Contact: Import from File

The “Import from File” wizard allows you to upload a list of contacts and then takes you through 4 simple steps to complete the process and load the records into your company. Depending on the file you need to upload there are several options available and you can expand the “Advanced Options” area for even greater control over how your uploaded file is processed. Once you've made your selections click the “Select File” button which will prompt you to select your local contact list to upload. If there are any issues parsing your file a message will be displayed.

In the second step of the wizard you are presented with a list of fields that the parsing processor was able to identify in your uploaded file. You may then select the appropriate target field to map each of the fields in your file to. For example, your input file may have 4 fields for First Name, Last Name, Email, and Birthday. You would see these 4 fields on the left and drop-down boxes on the right. Simply select the appropriate Zubifi field on the right to match it with what was in that field in your file. Do be advised that the processor will attempt to determine this for you based on commonly used names for fields so in the example above these fields would so pre-selected values in the drop downs leaving you just to verify the results and proceed to the next step. Depending on the data in the source file you may need to make adjustments to this mapping.

In the third step you are presented with a sample record from your input file and the resulting fields that would be loaded from it. This is for your confirmation prior to applying the imported file. At this point you have not made any changes to your company's contact list so if you don't like what you see you can simply exit the wizard by visiting any page (for example clicking on the Dashboard link). If you like what you see and it all seems correct then click Finish.

In the final wizard step you'll see a list of results from the applying of all your selections in the wizard. You will get a simplified report showing the number of records loaded, any records that failed, and any records that were removed or ignored because they were identified as duplicates. That's it. Your contacts have been successfully imported.

Contact: Profile

The Contact Profile is your one-stop shop for all data contact related. From here you can get a bird's eye view of everything going on with that person or entity. The contact profile page is broken up into tabs each with a specific purpose that are individually designed to bubble up useful information and short-cuts to help when communicating with the contact.

These tabs are described in more detail below.


The Transactions tab shows a list of transactions associated with the selected contact. You can open the transaction up to make modifications, print, or email. This list can be sorted or reverse sorted in the same way that the Transactions page works.

External Emails

External email is a great way to use your existing email service and fully integrate it with Zubifi to provide a full picture of all communications you have with your customers.

The Emails tab on the Contact Profile page shows any messages that were scanned based on your External Email settings in one of your configured mailboxes. The email messages that match any of the contacts email addresses will be displayed in this list. You can view and reply to those emails right from within your Zubifi account. Simple as that.

In addition to external email messages, any messages sent from Zubifi (such as emailed invoices or estimates) will also show up in this tab.


Calls are another great way to make sure you're fully “in-the-know” when you need to reach out to a customer. The call log allows you to enter call numbers, times, and messages which eliminates the guess work of if you (or any of your Zubifi users) really made that callback that was promised.

List the other lists, the call log can be sorted and reverse sorted as desired.


If you have random pieces of information or just need a notepad to save a short message about a contact then the Notes tab is what you're looking for. You can add any text information and it'll be stamped with a date/time and the user entering the note (in a multi-user environment). This is a great way to improve your call center operations so that a call center representative has all the notes from the previous calls and along with the call log can properly respond and escalate items of concern.

In the notes display, any URL links that are identified in the text will be automatically converted to hyper links and clickable by the viewing user.

In Zubifi you can tie multiple contacts together via the Links tab. This allows you to specific parent/child, sibling, and employer relationships among others. These relationships can then be mined in other areas of Zubifi. Take for example a wedding photographer who collects the bride and groom's parents at the event and enters them in Zubifi. A year later that photographer can then use Zubifi to extract all the parents and include them in email campaigns for anniversary gives and other related ideas. Your imagination is the only limit.


The Lists tab allows you to view and manage the lists on which the selected contact is a member. From here you can select an existing list or create a new one. Any lists that you create will be visible under the Mailing Lists in the Marketing section.

Once a user's email is added to a list you can unsubscribe and resubscribe them as needed. If you remove an email from a contact then the contact will automatically be removed from any lists on which that email was a member,


Attachments can be added to a number of items within the Zubifi platform, including contacts. Click the paperclip in the upper right corner of the contact profile screen to add, remove, and download attachments. A dialog window will be displayed that shows you any previously uploaded attachments for that contact as well as the option to add new or remove existing items.

To add new files click the “Add Files” button or drag-n-drop files onto the list. To remove files click the “X” to the far right of the attachment list, and to download a previously uploaded attachment simply click anywhere else on the attachment list item.

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