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Email Marketing

In today's economy the businesses that create and maintain regular communication with their customers are the businesses that succeed the most often. At Zubifi we provide an email marketing platform that enables you to send regular communications, advertisements, and other calls for actions to your own mailing list.

You can create email messages using our drag-n-drop editor, customize the mailing distribution list through filters on standard and custom fields in your contact list, and schedule those messages to be sent (or resent) in whatever way most fix your business model.

The easiest way to get started with email marketing at Zubifi is to use our Message Wizard. This wizard steps you through the process from setting up a new mailing list, developing a powerful message, and creating a campaign to track your message's interactions and impacts with your customers.

Marketing Wizard: Mailing List Setup

The first step in the Marketing Wizard is to select or create a mailing list. Mailing lists are simply a subset of your contact list to which you want to send messages. You can create and add subscribers to your mailing list through the Mailing List link in the Marketing section. Read more on the Mailing List feature.

If you select the “Create a New Mailing List” option then you will be prompted to add subscribers to your new list by applying filters to your contact list or selecting individual contacts.

Marketing Wizard: Creative Setup

In the next step you will be prompted to select or create a new Creative. Creatives are just email messages that will be sent to your mailing list. We provide options for you to enter the Subject of the message and to create an HTML body through our drag-n-drop editor. You can also select from a list of predefined by clicking the “Change Template” link, but be aware that selecting a different template will replace any content in the Message editor. Read more on the Creatives feature.

Marketing Wizard: Campaign Setup

In the Campaign step you can select or create a marketing campaign. Campaigns are used to group marketing messages together for reporting and analytics activities. Read more on the Campaigns feature.

Marketing Wizard: Schedule Setup

In the final step you are presented with the scheduling options. You can choose to send your message to the selected subscribers immediately or set the message to be delivered at a future date and time.

Once completed you can view your messages and their send progress on the campaign profile page.

*Our email marketing platform is an area that we are constantly enhancing with new features and important updates. Please reach out with any feature requests by contacting us.

Visit our main web site at www.zubifi.com

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