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Track your mileage using Zubifi's mileage feature. The Mileage feature allows you to track your trips, enter or calculate mileage, and specify business or personal trip types.

It's also multi-user capable so that you can create and assign vehicles to users and report on mileage by user, vehicle, date range, and more.

Mileage Log

Clicking on the Mileage option in the menu brings up the My Mileage log. This will show your mileage entries and if you are an administrator you can view and enter data for users other than yourself.

On the Mileage Log screen you can search for text and numbers in the search bar as well as filter for Business, Personal, or “Not Set” mileage entries. If you have permission then you can also filter the list for all users or just your own mileage entries.

You can also create a downloadable report of your mileage by visiting the reports section of the menu. (take me there)

Mileage Entry

Clicking the PLUS sign beside the search bar on the mileage log will bring up the Mileage Entry screen. From here you can specify the type of trip (Business or Personal), the Starting and Ending address, and several other details. Depending on your permission you will see options to specify the user and vehicle that are associated with the trip.

For new entries you can click the refresh button to automatically calculate the mileage between the two addresses, or you can enter the distance manually.

If you're editing an existing entry you'll see an map showing you a calculated path (this is auto generated for you and may not necessarily be accurate as it is based on Google Maps.)

You can also get directions between the locations by clicking the Directions button at the bottom of the page.

If you have recommendations on how to improve our mileage features please contact us and share your thoughts. We'd love to hear from you.

Visit our main web site at www.zubifi.com

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