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The Zubifi transactions section contains all of the transaction records created within your company. You can sort and filter the list, and you can drill into each item to get more information, make changes, add attachments, and more. The transaction section is primarily geared toward finance/accounting related activities within your Zubifi account.

Transactions: Create

To create a new transaction open the PLUS menu in the top right corner of the page. It's located beside the user icon. This will display the options for creating new transactions of any kind including invoices, estimates, deposits, bills, and checks.

The PLUS menu is context aware, so if you are currently viewing a contact and choose to add a new Invoice then that customer will automatically be selected on the new invoice screen. You can always chance the contact, but this may help in your data entry tasks.

Transactions: List

The Transaction List is your gateway into your financial transactions. You can use the search box at the top to filter the list in a variety of ways. You can search for text, numbers, and dates. You can also select the icons to the left of the search box to further filter your list by transaction type (Invoices, estimates, bills, checks, etc. or any combination of these).

The drop down to the right of the search bar allows you to export your transaction list in several different formats including PDF, Microsoft Excel, Comma Separated Values (CSV), and Tab-delimited Text (TXT). Choosing any of these options will export the entire transaction list to a downloadable file.

Within the transaction records you can sort the records by clicking the column heading (Type, Date, etc.). To reverse the sort click the column heading a second time. You can then view the transaction information by clicking on any of the detail rows in the table and you can delete a transaction by clicking the “X” on the far right of any of the individual transaction records.

Please note that once transactions are linked to other transactions or are reconciled that you will not be able to delete them without deleting the related transaction. Related transactions are available at the bottom of any transaction screen in a table labeled “Linked Items”.

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