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Marketing: Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are how you track planned communications with your customers. They are used to tie together email message Creatives and Mailing Lists.

Campaign List

The campaign list allows you to search, sort, and filter your existing list of campaigns. If you want to add a new campaign we highly recommend using the Mailing List Wizard, or you can add a campaign manually through the PLUS menu at the top right of the screen.

Campaign Profile: Stats

On the Campaign Profile the “Stats” tab shows you current statistics from your campaign as a whole. It provides a bird's eye view of how you're doing from sends, opens, clicks, and more.

The campaign stats are refreshed regularly, but they may not be real-time. If you scheduled a message to be sent immediately then stats may take up to 15 minutes to reflect current status of your campaign.

Campaign Profile: Messages

The Messages tab shows you the history of messages that were sent for the campaign or are scheduled to be sent in the future. You can drill into the creative or mailing list to make changes. Clicking the “View Report” button will display a list of sends, opens, clicks, and more via a standard report that can be printed or downloaded. Using the drop-down menu you can also opt to resend the message which will prefill the new message screen.

To add a new message click the “Add New” button in the upper right corner of the messages window.

Campaign Profile: Settings

The Settings tab on the Campaign Profile allow you to update the name of the campaign and its description. Make sure you click the Save button to apply your changes before leaving the page.

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