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Marketing: Creatives

Creatives allow you to create customized emails to send to subscribers via campaigns. You can create as many creatives as you like by selecting from one of our customizable templates or making your own to fit your brand however you see fit.

Creatives List

The creative list allows you to search, sort, and filter your existing creatives. If you want to add a new creative we highly recommend using the Mailing List Wizard, or you can add a creative manually through the PLUS menu at the top right of the screen.

Creatives: Item

On the Creative screen you can enter a variety of details about your email message as well as specifying the details of the email message itself.

Set your creative name and description. These fields are for identification and reference by you as the creator and are not visible to your subscribers. They are primarily visible on the creatives list page.

In the Message Details area you can specify the Email Message Subject and the Body of the message. The Subject field will show up as the message's subject just like normal email messages. Additionally, you can use the same Form Field Tags in the Subject that you do in the body of the message. Form field tags are enclosed in curly braces and include options for:

  • Contact Fields (Set in the Contact's Profile)
  • Company Fields (Set via your Company Profile)

In the Message Body field you can use our drag-n-drop editor to change text, add images, and adjust the layout.

You can specify a text version of your message (for old email clients that don't support HTML email) by disabling the automatic generation of the text alternative. If you disable this then any text you enter in the resulting text field will be displayed as-is to your end users if their client does not support HTML email.

You can opt to use a template by clicking the “Change Template” link in the Message Details title bar. This will bring up a window with a list of templates to choose from. Click the desired template and choose “Select Template” to apply it to your creative. WARNING: Changing your template will replace all content in the drag-n-drop editor so make sure you really want to do this before continuing.

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