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Vendor: Bills

You can manage vendor bills within Zubifi. A vendor bill is any invoice you receive that you owe money to someone else like your utility or phone bill. The vendor bills are available in the Transactions area.

Creating a Bill

To create a new Bill click the PLUS icon in the upper right corner of the screen (beside the user icon). Then select “Bill” from the menu under the “Vendors” heading. Then make sure to select a contact (or create a new one) and fill out the other fields as appropriate. You can set a due date for the bill if so desired.

DOCUMENT NUMBER The document number is a field for tracking the bill. Ideally you will enter an identifier from the bill you received such as its bill/invoice number to make it easier to reference inside Zubifi later if needed.

MEMO The memo line allows you to enter a note or reminder about the bill. The memo is only available within Zubifi.

LINE ITEMS To enter expenses for your bill add individual line items for each component. It is normal to select an Expense account (such as Office Supplies) in the Account box or create your own expense accounts using the “[add new]” selection. Enter a description of the expense, the amount, and if the expense is directly tied to a customer then select the contact name. You should NOT select a contact name that matches the person to whom the bill is being written.

You can add more line items if needed using the “Add Line Items” link at the bottom of the Line Items area. You can remove existing line items using the delete marker on the right of the line item rows.

CUSTOM FIELDS Bills support custom fields that can be set under the Settings menu. You can add up to 20 custom fields that will be available to all bills.

Linked Items

If a bill is related to another document then the related documents will show at the bottom of the page. For example, if the bill was paid then you would see the related payment in the Linked Documents section.

Once a bill has a related document attached the bill has limited items that can be changed without first unlinking it from the related document.

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