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Vendor: Debit Memo

You can create debit memos within Zubifi. An debit memo allows you to create a vendor provided credit on a vendor account that can be applied to future bills. The debit memos are available in the Transactions area.

Creating a Debit Memo

To create a new Debit memo click the PLUS icon in the upper right corner of the screen (beside the user icon). Then select “Debit Memo” from the menu. Then make sure to select a contact (or create a new one) and fill out the other fields as appropriate.

DOCUMENT NUMBER The document number is defaulted to an auto-generated value starting with DM00001 and incrementing by one. You can change this value to meet your own needs.

MEMO The memo line is a place to make a note about what the debit memo is for and how it relates to the vendor selected. It is not included on anything outside of your Zubifi account.

LINE ITEMS You can have multiple line items. The default shows up to 5 but you can add more lines by clicking the “Add Line Items” link under the table. Each line item requires you to select or add an account and enter an amount in order to be properly added to the document.

CUSTOM FIELDS Debit Memos support custom fields that can be set under the Settings menu. You can add up to 20 custom fields that will be available to all debit memos.

Linked Items

If a debit memo is related to another document then the related documents will show at the bottom of the page. Once a debit memo has a related document attached then it has limited items that can be changed without first unlinking it from the related document.

Applying the Debit

To apply a debit memo to an open bill click the “Apply Debit” button at the bottom of the screen or in the Other Actions menu. This will take you to the screen for selecting what bills you wish to apply the debit.

You can apply the debit in part or in full to any open bill in the list. Simply enter the amount that you wish to apply in the appropriate space and click “Save Changes”. Checking the box on the left will autofill the amount with the remaining debit up to the full amount remaining on the bill.

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