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 +====== Vendor: Bill Payments ======
 +You can track bill payments within Zubifi. ​ A bill payment allows you to create a check based on payments made to vendors. ​ The bill payments are available in the [[features:​transactions|Transactions]] area.
 +===== Creating a Bill Payment =====
 +To create a new Bill Payment click the PLUS icon in the upper right corner of the screen (beside the user icon). ​ Then select "Bill Payment"​ from the menu under the "​Vendors"​ heading. ​ Then make sure to select a contact (or create a new one) and fill out the other fields as appropriate. ​ You can set the payment account and check number and date as desired.
 +{{ :​vendor:​billpayments.png?​direct&​300 |}}
 +The document number is defaulted to an auto-generated value starting with 1 and incrementing by one. The counter is unique to each account and should be matched with the paper check that was created. You can change this value to meet your own needs in the event that you are not creating a paper check.
 +If you select a credit card account then the check number field is left blank and you can enter a transaction number or other tracking value here if desired.
 +The memo line allows you to add a note or comment on the check just like when creating a paper check manually.
 +Based on the contact selected all bills with balances due will be displayed. ​ You can select any bill and choose to pay the entire amount or a portion of the amount based on your own needs.
 +Bill payments support custom fields that can be set under the Settings menu.  You can add up to 20 custom fields that will be available to all bill payments.
 +You can opt to include the document in the print queue list by checking the appropriate box in the Add to Queue area at the top of the line items box.  To view and manage your queue click the Bell icon at the top of the screen (beside the user icon) and select the print queue to manage.
 +===== Bank Reconciliation =====
 +Once a bill payment has been reconciled with your bank statement it will not be able to be modified so make sure that everything is accurate on the bill payment prior to completing your bank reconciliation. ​ If you need to make a change to a bill payment after reconciling then you will need to go into the bank reconciliation and undo the previous reconciliation.
 +Visit our main web site at [[https://​www.zubifi.com|www.zubifi.com]]
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